Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Replicant Metals

Thomas Feeser has my utmost respect in the mc world. He's been around for some time, making it easier for people to restore old bikes with his line of reproduction parts. What he's succeeded in doing is not an easy accomplishment, considering not many bikes were built pre 1936, which makes his customer base fairly small. By true passion alone he has compiled a nice product line and most of it is his own work made here in the USA. In my experience, you spend more time and money trying to repair a set of pretty old tanks than you would buying a set of his perfectly copied tanks. Where are you going to find two year tanks like these 28-29JD ?? Even if you don't have a pre 36 bike there is still a ton of cool parts to use on a custom bobber. Check out his website and make sure to read the history section. http://replicantmetals.com/

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