Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hall Bro's Rigid Shovelhead

Bryan Hall did the hardtail section himself (which turned out flawless) and built the rest of the bike in just a couple months. You can see bits of the build on his blog,   I love the bike of course, but what really showed me his talent was yesterday when he and a few friends came to my shop to do a repair job before heading home. Rather than waiting on me while I was flapping my lips to someone else, he pulled out  my welder, set up the torch,  laid on the floor and welded a friend's coil mount back together . . . but never had to ask a single question about my welder or set up (having never previously used my model/year welder). My point is that a lot of people can "weld", but good welders are confident and can adapt.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brian Johnson's 1966 FLH Shovelhead

We just finished putting his fresh painted sheet metal back on his bike today. First year shovel, 2nd yr electric start and a very nice example of a correct 66. Another opportunity to take photos of a red and white bike next to my 60 merc :)