Monday, May 27, 2013

Pan Swinger : tail light, shocks n such

I used a new set of progressive rear shocks for sportster because they have offset eyes and sit closer to the frame than stock big twin. I had to take the shocks apart and another set of big twin shocks apart to make some easy modifications to make the xl shocks work with big twin full covers. Then Gabe turned the studs down to get them even tighter to the frame. Tail light finished with led cluster and chromed.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pan Swinger : starting assembly

stuff going together pretty fast now. J&W got my frame in powder, Leo nailed the paint and Johnny Ray has been dropping off polished alum, stainless and chrome. Super happy with all these guys work and it's all local. Went simple on the kicker, military steel inserts and I straighted a kicker arm. working neck lock and steering damper on the narrowed trees. Most all the triple tree stuff will soon be covered but I still wanted it to look nice and oem. Front end back together with new seals etc. Sand cast alum air cleaner, some aluminum pushrod tube collars. Cycle electric regulator, typcially black and billet looking.. modified with the help of my friend Gabe of After Hours Choppers.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pan Swinger : six weeks to go

I got about 8hrs into the frame just cleaning it up from the previous owners add on shit. At least the guy never hacked anything off and now I got a stock frame. Back to J&W for a powder coat primer fill. Black soon.
I got my seat pan powder coated and put some edge protector on it, then I asked the local upholstery shop what foam to use and he said to go ahead and use the carpet padding ? funny but it will work and the first layer is some firmer foam. I wanted to shape it myself to be sure I get the look I wanted which is rigid frame seat on a swing arm bike. I had some help from some friends and we draw up a pattern. I dropped it off here local at cool customs and the covered it in leather.
The mag idea came from John Barry ( JB ) showed me this trick a few years back of cutting the mag body to clear the case rather than cutting the case. It's a popular modification I see a lot of people doing now. Anyhow short on time JB brought me a mag he already started on and I finished it up. JB is a cleaver guy. Johnny Ray polished it out (same guy doing all my chrome). I took a clear cap and painted it inside so it has a deep black clear marble look. Still have to make up a custom kill lever and hold down clamp.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pan Swinger : alum sand cast oil tank

 A lot of help from my friends Russel, Johnny Ray, Churchill, Tim and mostly Ryan who took all the heat. Ryan also helped me do the air cleaner sand casted and taught me a a lot so much thanks to him. Sand casted horse shoe style tank to go with the front end nacelle. Melted about a dozen old pistons to make this tank.