Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hardtail 79-81 XL

Here is Justins bike from the previous post

Ironhead XL 79-81 weld on hardtail frame tech

Justin at DP customs sent me photos of his work.
1- cut frame duh !
2- make slug inserts for extra strength at the top and plug weld them last.
3- clamp your frame down to your table level prior to setting the rear tail level.
4- use bolts at the bottom to help align the tail section these can be left in or removed later after welding.
5- tack weld each end and re check it for alignment and level
6- Finish welding. Recommend using some all thread between the axle plates using 4 nuts to hold the rear width in place until all welds have cooled.

Monday, December 27, 2010

1/8 scale model knucklehead... Real Skill

I found this off another blog. Crazy talent. A 1/6 scale model knuck motor that runs and a almost complete full bike of 1/8 scale that could be ridden by ?? A bunch more photos of all the bits can be found here and you should check this out.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Christmas gift

Our new baby girl Lia was born on the 22nd and we got to take her home Christmas morning. Thank you God, my family is in good health and very blessed. We surprised my son Austin this year with a 50cc atv 4 wheeler.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big twin clutch kit for knuck pan shovel

Here is a clutch set up I've been selling for the guys who got tired of replacing only one part at a time, and don't want to spend 500-600 on a scorp, pro or comp.
Barnett / Alto kit with simple installation and no confusion.
New five finger hub- if you're running an old three finger and none of the studs have broken, consider yourself lucky. Five finger improves operation and the life of the hub. Hub nut lock tab washer included.
Big fix bearing kit replaces old offset bearings and cage, which tends to wear a trench in your hub and basket. These long rollers without a cage give you a more postive, smoother basket that is wobble free. In addtion, this will increase basket and hub life.
Bearing retainer eliminates use of springs for hub to basket bearings and cures the "grabby clutch" symptom.
new Alto steels smooth or ball rattler. Reccomendations:
Ball tip enclosed wet primary- (quiet) max smooth operation and max life
Ball tip dry open primary- cool noisey operation, but shorter life on plates
Smooth steel plate for max life and quiet running open or closed
New Barnett carbon fiber friction plates for dry or wet use. Excellent energy absorption.
Billet aluminum pressure plate and spring collar. Recessed pockets allow more accurate spring adjustment and add strength and stability to the spring pack. Includes shoulder nuts.
Barnett heavy duty clutch springs are pre-set, shot-peened, and heat treated for performance and durability 50 lbs @ 1 1/8"
In addtion, an extra stock type spring retainer and nuts are included in case you need shorter clearance or just prefer the stock look.
This drops into any 1941-84 big twin 4 speed tranny and basket including most aftermarket belt drives and cost more than a hundo less than other complete kits.