Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ironhead XL 79-81 weld on hardtail frame tech

Justin at DP customs sent me photos of his work.
1- cut frame duh !
2- make slug inserts for extra strength at the top and plug weld them last.
3- clamp your frame down to your table level prior to setting the rear tail level.
4- use bolts at the bottom to help align the tail section these can be left in or removed later after welding.
5- tack weld each end and re check it for alignment and level
6- Finish welding. Recommend using some all thread between the axle plates using 4 nuts to hold the rear width in place until all welds have cooled.

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  1. Hi there....very good report and pictures.

    I just got a 1980 Sportster and want o ask you how much it would and be and where I could get a hard tail to weld on.