Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hardtail Honda cb750 frame one of ?

Nick Hazen drops off his hardtail project to be finished. He build this fixture from scap n such being thrown away at work. I will be making some mounts and welding the frame up square. Seems I got the fun part.
First pass, plugged

Friday, January 13, 2012

1937 ULH : Oil tank

Here is the 1937 oil tank. The feed port is pretty trick, I think a one year only deal. The fitting has a check valve that blocks the flow when you unbolt the line. Simply reconnect your drain line to your drain pan and it flows out. I guess later they decided a drain plug would be easier.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 45 : top speed test

Taking the bike back to it's home today I hit 70mph in 3rd and topped out at 81mph in 4th. Motor was not tached out but had no more power haha. It might go faster if I held the throttle wide open and waited FOREVER or I could probably get 5mph more by changing sprockets but I'm happy with it. It can handle 75-80 no problem were as my stock 3 speed 45" blows head gaskets if I hold it at 70mph and is most comfortable at 60mph. So the little bit of engine work and using a 4 speed gained about 15mph.. worth it ? doesn't sound like much but It's the difference between a 45 you ride in town vs a 45 you can take out of town. Having the extra gear also makes it much quicker getting up to high way speed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hall ranch dust up 2011

Stole these pictures. Great turn out in Santa Rosa. Good to see friends and so lucky to have this nice weather.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chris Paulucci restores a model 86 Bultaco 250cc

Chris happened to be in town today and stopped by the shop to show us his latest build. The polished aluminum Akront wheels laced with Buchanan stainless spokes are so sweet. The handlebars are also Akront aluminum. To my surprise most of the stock hardware has Bultaco forged on it. Cherry bike and a nice piece of history. Included is a before shot of the bike.
Bultaco's seem to go by model numbers instead of years. This Pursang is a model 86 which it says in the book is a 1972-73. They didn't seem to make changes from one year to the next, like everyone else, it was more like one model to the next. The model number also designates what size the motor is and what model it is. Thanks, Chris