Friday, January 6, 2012

Chris Paulucci restores a model 86 Bultaco 250cc

Chris happened to be in town today and stopped by the shop to show us his latest build. The polished aluminum Akront wheels laced with Buchanan stainless spokes are so sweet. The handlebars are also Akront aluminum. To my surprise most of the stock hardware has Bultaco forged on it. Cherry bike and a nice piece of history. Included is a before shot of the bike.
Bultaco's seem to go by model numbers instead of years. This Pursang is a model 86 which it says in the book is a 1972-73. They didn't seem to make changes from one year to the next, like everyone else, it was more like one model to the next. The model number also designates what size the motor is and what model it is. Thanks, Chris

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  1. It's always nice to see a bike that shifts on the "correct" side. Awesome job, looks better than new.