Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tight throttle cable

Pulls up to the shop and asks.. "why does my bike accelerate when I make turns"

Belt guard for Gary's project 45

This is a custom Paughco frame which marries a 45" Flathead motor to a Big Twin 4 speed. Gary wanted a belt guard on the bike we're building for him, but didn't want to cover it completely. First I tried a 45 primary cover and it was too short, so moved on to this Panhead primary cover. No worries, this stuff I'm cutting up is repop. Sort of wish I had not cut the diamond open but I need to build floor board mounts off the rear motor mount and through the primary. The clutch arm needed to be extended under the oil bag so I duplicated the rod hole at the end and now I just need to trim the old hole off.

Monday, October 25, 2010

1954 Flathead 45"

This bike was built over 17 yrs ago and since then, not much has changed. What I find funny is that 17 yrs ago my friends made fun of it and now today it's a favorite of those same friends. Super reliable bike- the only repair work done since it was built has been to replace a few batteries (typical) and a blown head gasket caused by me trying to push it down to Sacramento for the Midnight Mass car show. It cruises at 55mph and can go a little bit faster, but I try to hold it at 65. When all other bikes have been down, this one continues to run and take me through town to run errands. It's not all original, but just pieced together from stuff we had back then and it's built closer to a 1947/custom.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gary's project 45

With Matt's Shovel done we can now move forward with Gary's bike. It's about ready to be torn down so we can rebuild the motor.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matt's Shovel

Here's Matt's Shovelhead finished. A 1977 FLH we did a frame up rebuild to his liking.