Monday, July 26, 2010

77 FLH and 45 flathead 4-sp build update

Here is the current progress on these two bikes. The shovel will be finished soon. It's a bike for my book keeper and we are keeping it on a low budget so when finished he can decide what he wants to change at an additional cost of course. The 45 bike will take much longer as the customer wants a show bike. At this point we are close to the mock up being finished and will move to rebuilding the motor and adding the lipstick to the parts.

Old-Stf truckin again.... Barn Find

Recent find of two pans, one big twin flatty, one knuck and a couple hummers. Sweet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Next bikes on the rack

Here is the start of a couple bikes. First is a flathead 45 "custom" "bobber" with some pretty cool stuff in the works. Second is a 1977 Shovelhead FLH "original custom" ?? I say mostly original parts with a few changed up and non original finishes sorta like our 1935 vld. Check back please !