Monday, February 8, 2010

Wide springer front end top clamps

A common question is what top clamp fits which brand springers. With the help of "Jimmi" who sent me this great drawing I can now tell you that the paughco, v-twin, dna and original hd springer have the same spacing and hole dia. Note this dose not include narrow front ends and inline is not the same as offset. The top clamps I carry will fit these springers with or without dog bone ears. I always assumed this was the case but needed help from others with different front ends to make it a fact. Check out this guys work at "real nice"


  1. hello do you make the top clamps?i need a top clamp with holes for fork's 5 1/2" instead of 4 3/4,i have one of these i had just bought but will not fit mine yes it is inline thanks randy,email is ""

  2. mine is very close to the same measurements you have what did you find to fit it?