Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knucklehead built in 28 days

I like paint and metal finishes weather it's dull or polished brass aluminum chrome etc it's part of the art. I dreamed up this knuckle as a flashy show bike. But came to the conclusion that I really wanted to ride it and didn't want to wait. Dad and I were so excited when we found the parts in rust and dirt untouched for many years so we just put it together and I'm real happy with it just "as found". When you love this stuff so much why refinish it? then again I still want to do a refinished version but a second bike of course lol
These bars we hand made. Knuckle/flatty bars turned down from +4 to -2 and -6 shorter with xl internal grips instead of the longer big twin. still original material just modified. For more on this bike see this link

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