Monday, October 8, 2012

64 Panhead swinger : front end

I will clean it all up later. I want some stainless slider covers but for now I just cut some repop ones found in the shop. So this thing ended up 2" narrower than a stock wide glide and 1/2" wider than a narrow glide but it follows the frame and motor lines pretty good. Any narrower the cowl would look wrong. I ordered the headlight and mounting guts thinking I'd get the modern h4 bulb option.. that was a bad idea because I forgot those lens are flat. So now I got to get the older sealed beam bulb which has the nice dome radius.. which I think will look better. I don't know this front end is pretty silly... the big ass headlight that most people don't like is stuck on a narrow front end. I hope and think most people will walk right past it not even noticing it's narrow. Seems like no change because your brain is used to seeing wide glides.. Shaved lower legs for sure.

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