Monday, November 28, 2011

1937 ULH build starts

Here is Dad's new project actually started about six months ago during project 45 build. Unfortunately I failed to get photos and this thread is started late but not to late. Motor is already completely rebuilt starting with a 41up larger crank pin and Truett Osborn stroker wheels which are 4 5/8" stroke and 12 lbs heavier than stock for max torque. It yields 86" at it's current bore, and the finish was left as found. The entire bike will be built "as found" much like the knuckle we did a couple years ago. 1937 is the first year for the u series with recirculating oil pump system. It's also the second year for Harley's four speed and 80" flathead motor. Knucks came out in 36 but only yielded 61" until later years so the big ULH 80" was still prefered by many. The parts aside the gas tanks and motor are the same as a knuckle.

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