Friday, October 21, 2011

Gabe's build: Springer Bars by AHC

A few months back I was walking through Paughco's shop with Gabe and we saw this top clamp used for building springer bars. I was not aware of what it would take to fit it to an i-beam VL springer. This is how Gabe (After Hours Choppers) made it work and he even added an upward angle:
  1. He reamed .050" out to fit the bigger tubes.
  2. The tree still wouldn't sit all the way flush, so he bored the bottom 1/2" to sit over the larger section of the tubes.
Rise/angle change:
  • Cutting the ends to alter the angle, used some heat to keep the metal from ripping. Here's about 20 extra upward degrees.
In his words: "I'll order up some stainless tubing for the bars, cut a small piece to fill the gap and weld it up once mockup is complete. I'm digging on it. I might use a die with a bigger radius to give the bar a smoother bend and not leave bend marks."

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  1. Thats dope! Sucks though ... I was gonna call you about that wheel tonight!