Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Early Days of Old-Stf

Well Mike's been pretty swamped lately, so I'm trying to fill in for him here for a bit, lol. Business is definitely picking up. Man, you get that little bit of sunshine peeking out and all the bikers crawl out of the woodwork! Mike's having a hard time keeping up with all the orders, shipping is backed up, and everyday someone's calling with something they want/need/have questions about. Which brings me to a couple nights ago; Mike and I were looking through the hundreds of photos we have on the computer, and we came across photos of the shop in its beginning stages. Take a look, it's a trip to see how far the shop has progressed in a couple years. We could actually fit the hot rod inside!

Wow, remember when we could fit a couch inside?

Pre-lathe area

Back when we had room for bikes

One of the very first photos - we had green carpet for cryin' out loud

Check out all the empty space!

Well, that was then, this is now:

It's so packed now you almost want to go out one door and all the way around to the other door just to avoid walking through everything. Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

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